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Okirobox, People’s Smile and Fast Ending


“Goodness remains as goodness, no matter how….”

Time is grinding and it was just really fast ending since the first time I joined Okirobox in the second semester of the year. Okirobox is food chain stores located in 12 malls all over Jakarta. It serves Japanese hot snacks such as okonomiyaki, takoyaki, negiyaki and etc. (find more on Being a general manager was not easy job for sure. Becoming intrapreneur and leading around 100 employees with ranges of problem varieties and high expectation from many stakeholders were really challenging. Up and down were there but it was, I claimed it personally; good start as the company has finally settled the foundation up. Here we are some points that impress myself during me tenure there:


On first impression of the company

I had nothing to say but ‘Oh, there are too many things to do and I am really sure that for the first four months, it will be really tough jobs’. But then, I took the challenges and it was really fun.


On work hard and administrative stuff

I came all across the ways to manage the data both soft copy and hard copy. It was all massive mess and I just thank God that after all the pains, it was finally nately managed. Well, I never expect that I will print the employees’ salary slips by myself and cut them by using scissors then put into the envelope, but I certainly did. Well, I worked days and nights from Monday to Saturday and mostly time spent till 1 in the morning.


On meeting new people

I deal with around 100 employees and number of stakeholders so you could imagine how I need to fast adapt the new environment, given the fact that those people might have different and diverse expectations on me. It was really fun to deal with at the end of the day. I could see how mostly the operational employees really look for better quality of working life and relation between them and the company owner.


On loyality and managing expectation

I do not judge myself but other people do, yes my co-workers think that way. I have nothing to ask for even if I work without insurance ehehe. Life was just definitely 180 degrees different compared to when I worked at Accenture, a super high-tech company with already settled procedures, mechanism and stuffs.

I know that managing expectation from the very first beginning is the key when someone new comes to somewhere new. I said again and again that I was not magician that could make all changes in just one knock. It was also way to prevent any possible conflict in the future.


On things which were really memorable

Firing people is not easy way. I know that some employees got troubled which finally fired or resigned as per plan. For them, earning new job could be difficult thus this was one of the reasons why they stay in the company. I know that they expected much on getting salary as per standard and healthy insurance to make them feel secured. There was the plan and it was about to execute. Unfortunately, once it is realized, I am no longer there.

Another thing was big decision-making right that I had. What I decided would be just implemented and I was really happy. Even if I worked days and nights but the work time was bit flexible. Those were really lovely.


On Ohayo newsletter

I was really excited that I could produce company newsletter for internal consumption. The contents were rich and it got good welcome from employees.


On fast end

I just think that all things were under controlled and per plan. If in case there were discrepancy, it was really normal. We were not living in the certain world when all things could go as per plan. For anyone having any plan, there are things out of that person’s control (it is really normal). It was really fast and sudden. Maybe my karma was not that good in the past. But what you think is good, other people might take different way. Fact says what is good will stay good, no matter how. Most important thing was God has best plan for sure for me 🙂


On thing that I learned most

People are still people no matter what happen. Even what I believe is there is at least a good thing inside the worst people. If someday, I have my own company, I will really appreciate the employees. I will surely put them as asset not as waste.

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