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Incredible Experiences with Accenture

Incredible Experiences with Accenture

It has been more than two years and eight months since the first day I joined Accenture. Yes, last June was my last month at Accenture. It is just marvelous to work at Fortune Global 500. Definitely, I learn lots from being part of Accenture family. Accenture gives spaces for me to grow both professionally and personally. I make friends and family at Accenture as well.

I do experience lots things there in all my three projects in three different client companies. I get to face challenges like learning new industries, adjust to client company culture while still stick on the Accenture core values, face challenging client personnel and many more. I just think that up and down moments are common things. The roller coaster feelings being there make me sure that there is no growth in comfort zone and no comfort in growth zone.

I also experience lots of funs, let me recap some points that I remember most.


On My First Project

Yes, I was so glad after waiting for almost three months on the bench. Well, got to learn many things in oil and gas industry. It was BPMIGAS, which then named SKKMIGAS. During the project, my team and I got really nice award Accenture Award for Best Team Category. We alson won 2nd prize of Persian/Arabian night at Accenture Quarterly meeting. We were so creative. We made all the way and using any possible stuff to create such adorable Persian wardrobes.


On Living Almost a Year in Balikpapan

I love the city and we got lots of fun doing project at Total E&P Indonesie. We used to dine at nice seafood restaurant such as dandito with its best crabs. In leasure time, we just get to go around the city or nearby. I was in charge for being Chief Traveler Officer (CTO). As CTO, definitely I got to manage all project members transportation and accommodation and travel itinerary as well.


On Winning Medals at Accenture Sport Olympics

Yes, definitely I got my goal accomplished; winning medals for badminton and tennis games. Last Olympics, I was in charge for tennis games arrangement and it was good to know that I won tennis gold medal.


On Birthday Cakes

I got my birthday cakes, one in 2011 and one in 2013. It was amazing as it was my birthday cake ever. I never celebrate birthday before.


On How Life Goes After

Myself told me that I get to work or do things that matter me most. By doing so, it will optimize my wants and passion. Doing what I love will just make my days much more enjoyable.

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